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Helping Individuals


250+ People

How you can help


We help people by providing free advice, information and support from local experts. This ensures that people are fully armoured to deal with whatever difficult position they find themselves in,

We do share links to other websites, but please be aware that WF3 Kindness, are not responsible for the privacy practices and terms of other sites. We are not responsible for the information on these websites and have no control over the content or validity of the information displayed.

If you do come across something within the links that we provide which is no longer relevant, please let us know by emailing:

What we have done to help...

Linked up with businesses and professionals to provide people with expert advice.

Provided lots of advice and signposting around benefits and support agencies.

Helped people looking for work with CV building and employability support sessions.

Offered free Mental Health support thanks to a link up with a local registered counsellor.

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