About Us

WF3 Kindness supports people living in Tingley, Ardsley and Thorpe and the surrounding areas, formed in March 2020, we initially became a lifeline to people that found themselves struggling as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we also support the community in other ways by improving the area and supporting and leading on local initiatives.

Our community is at the heart of everything we do:

  • We bring people together who care about the area so that they can make a difference

  • We support people in need and care for the most vulnerable people in our community

  • We encourage people to get involved - there are many ways that people can support us such as volunteering, fundraising and making a donation

  • We promote the support groups who work hard in the community to benefit others and the community as a whole

  • We highlight the good things in our community and celebrate the individuals that give their time and money to benefit others and the community as a whole​.

WF3 Kindness are a working name of Morley & District Lions (CIO), which provides us with the benefits of being a registered charity and their structure offers a level of support that we can call on when required. WF3 Kindness can be searched for on the charity commission website which will return the listing for Morley & District Lions Club (CIO).

You can read about our work, our mission, vision & values and our story below.