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why nominate

'When I found out that someone had taken time out of their day to nominate me, it felt amazing. I do what I do because I want to but when someone tells you the difference I've made to others it made me feel very proud'

'Just been nominated made my year! I don't care whether I actually win or not but just being nominated  has meant so much to me, thank you.'

Whilst a 'thank you' is nice to hear, imagine how it feels to someone when they find out that they have been nominated for an Award.

If you know someone deserving of a Best of WF3 Award, spend 5 minutes filling out a form and we'll do the best and make sure that those unsung heroes get some recognition for their efforts.

Show your unsung hero just how much they mean to you, others and the community by nominating them for a Best of WF3 Award.


To recognise those who contribute to our community.


To give the great and good of our community a chance to celebrate their achievements.

To Support

Show your support to someone special and also our Awards buy getting involved!


Demonstrate the pride for that special person by nominating them.

how to nominate

You can nominate someone in just three simple steps...

  1. Choose a voluntary group, team, business or person that you feel has made a difference to Tingley, Ardsley or Thorpe (a “nominee”)

  2. Complete the nomination form (either by completing the form on our website [click the button below] or by requesting a paper form which are available on request)

    Provide as much information as possible, especially your contact details, if you do not know the contact information for your nominee we can try and find this out but it is important that you provide contact details for yourself.

    For the avoidance of doubt, you may complete an entry form nominating yourself as a Nominee.

    It is the responsibility of all nominators to ensure that the information provided is truthful and representative of the nomination.


  3. Nominations must be received by the closing date: 31st December 2023 (11:59pm).

judging criteria

  • The Best of WF3 Awards is not a popularity contest - nominations are reviewed and winners decided by our panel of judges.

  • Our judging panel consists of the WF3 Kindness team, professionals from both the public and private sector and include a lawyer, a journalist, third party charities and members of the local authorities.
  • Nominations are judged solely on the information provided within the nomination - on how the individual, organisation or project has:

    • tackled issues that affect people living in Tingley, Ardsley and Thorpe

    • made a difference to individuals within the community or the community as a whole

    • helped get people involved and inspired others

  • The decision of the Judges is final and cannot be contested.

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