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The Best Of WF3 Awards

Recognising and celebrating the great and good of Tingley, Ardsley and Thorpe.


From just under 200 nominations to 43 finalists our judges eventually managed to select 23 winners!


Our Patron and friend Billy Pearce announced the 2022 winners at our awards ceremony at Blenheim House, Batley on Thursday 10th March.

Watch our winners get announced:

Of The Year



Ardsley Windows are no strangers to our Awards, not only were they one of the first local businesses to support us again but they received recognition themselves last time around when they won our New Business of the Year Award, which they sponsored this year.


This local family business was nominated many times once again for continuing to offer great service across the community and for going the extra mile when needed.


Stephen, Charlotte, and the team also support lots of community groups and offer help when it’s needed, a real asset to Tingley, Ardsley and Thorpe!

This Award was kindly sponsored by

Councillor Mike Foster


Sport / Physical Activity


Tingley Athletic.jpg

Tingley Athletic has been around a long time, 48 years to be precise! During that time, they have worked to offer football to the local community and beyond.


The club offers a safe, fun and enjoyable environment to play the beloved game of football, with an ever-expanding player base of boys and girls, eye-catching sponsors and a team of excellent volunteer trustees, coaches and volunteers.


There are more than 30 teams and a mixture of boys, girls and open age playing in the colours of Tingley Athletic.

This Award was kindly sponsored by

Swift Fit Personal Training


Sport / Physical Activity



Zoe is the girls football coach at Woodkirk Valley community FC. She gives up her own time each week for training and organises matches at the weekend. 


This is all on top of training and playing herself for Huddersfield Town Women's Team. She’s such an inspiration to all the girls and has built up a lovely relationship with them all, encouraging self-belief, friendships and ultimately having fun! The team has grown in popularity over the last year with over 30 girls attending.

This Award was kindly sponsored by

Swift Fit Personal Training


Of The Year







Between these winners they have raised tens of thousands of pounds for local, regional, and national charities and good causes.


Not only by raising funds but by volunteering, the time that these people have given to help make a difference to charities and local people is inspiring.


Cody & Jordan fundraise tirelessly to pay for defibrillators as part of Cody’s Defibrillator campaign. 


Oliver and his WF3 Warriors team mates have raised thousands for Candlelighters who helped Oliver and his family during his own battle with cancer.


Karl and Lia from Buttercup Lane Childminders are staunch supporters and Ambassadors of Cash for Kids Charity. They are always looking at ways to raise funds for this great cause.

This Award was kindly sponsored by

Pretty in Resin


Of The Year



Angie lives in the Winthorpe estate and was nominated for the kindness and love she showed to some of her neighbours including many of the elderly members of her community.


Angie made lots of beautiful Afternoon Teas (sandwiches, bites and buns and cakes) for the Jubilee weekend which she delivered to people across the estate. She also made special deliveries for people who were celebrating special occasions and those who were going through difficult times. Angie brought a moment of happiness to many people and helped honour their special occasion and in some cases her kindness made people realise they weren’t alone and made them feel part of the estate.


Some comments we received about Angie:

'A great neighbour, caring and thoughtful, I wish I had a neighbour as thoughtful and generous as my relatives do!'

'Angie is very generous and thoughtful to people. A lovely lady who made my Grandparents very happy, anyone that does that deserves to win.'

This Award was kindly sponsored by

GME Painting Contractors

gme wf3 kindness.jpg

Of The Year


We received lots of nominations for Beth, the work she is involved in around the community and further afield is inspiring.


Beth volunteers at…

Forest School at Hill Top Primary , Girls Football, Messy Church, The TGTG Food Project, The Food Pantry at West Ardsley Methodist and many more.


If there is ever anything in the community that needs a volunteer, she’s always the first to put her hand up and throw her weight behind it. It’s people like Beth that make areas a community and a place we can all be proud of.

This Award was kindly sponsored by

GME Painting Contractors

Robrook Logo.png

Primary School Teacher
Of The Year



Mrs Bragg received a huge number of nominations, over 25% of all nominations were for this amazing lady!


She has been helping children in local schools across our community for decades, she was at Woodkirk for 8 years as a Special Needs Assistant and then moved to Westerton where she spent the last 20 years as a Learning Mentor.


 Mrs Bragg has made a positive difference to an incalculable number of children and their families by supporting the children through difficult periods of their life including family bereavements, illnesses and mental health challenges.


Some of the comments we received about Mrs Bragg were:

'Mrs Bragg helped my daughter who suffered a series of family bereavements and who suffers with anxiety, she changed everything for us as a family and helped me get my little girl back!'

'Such a friendly and caring lady who has helped hundreds of kids round here. Mrs Bragg will be missed by everyone especially my son who only used to go to school to see her!'

This Award was kindly sponsored by

Phil Fryers Tribute to Frank Sinatra


Secondary School Teacher
Of The Year



Mr Lazarus is the Head of Year 7 at Woodkirk Academy, he has been at the school for over 18 years.


He supports students in their transition to High School, which understandably some children find harder than others and helps make sure that they are supported as best they can.


We received some lovely comments about Mr Lazarus, including:


'He helped me when I was being bullied, he is a nice man who cares about us. He is fair and kind.'


'A great teacher at Woodkirk, he’s very popular with the kids, he has a good sense of humour and gets the best out of the students.'

This Award was kindly sponsored by

Mel's Hair Design

Mel's Hair Design.png

Organising Committee
Of The Year



Woodsfest is an outdoor community music festival held at Woodkirk Valley Sports Club. Their first fest was back in 2015 and has grown every year continuing to help promote local bands and artists. Over 8000 people have enjoyed the event over the years.


Woodsfest is organised entirely by volunteers who work incredibly hard to pull it all together, last year saw more unique challenges, not just because of the extra considerations that they had to give due to Covid but the day before the festival they were let down with port-a-loos! The volunteers rallied round and managed to source enough porta-a-loos to allow the event to go ahead. 


Some of the comments we received from those that nominated Woodsfest were:

'Despite having issues and a potential setback at the last minute, the event went ahead because of the determination and efforts of the team.'


'A great event for the people in the community.'

This Award was kindly sponsored by

A1 Mobile Disco (Andy Smith)


Of The Year


Gaynor & Richard Joy.png

Gaynor and Richard care for their 16-year-old daughter Abi, who has a chromosome disorder. This means that Abi has several significant physical and mental disabilities.


Abi is often seriously ill and has had many long stays in hospital, including at the beginning of this year where she spent a lot of time in ICU. 


Some of the comments we received on Gaynor and Richard included:

'What these people have been through is unimaginable, yet they are such an inspiration to so many.'

'Following their journey on social media has opened my eyes, they are a real credit to their family and our small community.'

This Award was kindly sponsored by

Trident Stairlifts

Trident Stairlifts.png

Community Project
Of The Year


The Ginnel Trails

Abigail Dickinson.jpg

Abigail is the person behind the trails which were set up around Lowry Road and in the ginnels during the days of lockdown when children were off school and nowhere was open. The trails brought an element of fun and excitement and were enjoyed by lots and lots of children.


The Easter trail which was organised with WF3 Kindness was also set up and managed by Abigail and despite some people trying their best to ruin it Abi went out sometimes 2/3 times a day to replace the posters and help make sure as many people could join in, we had over 300 children take part in that trail!

This Award was kindly sponsored by

Ardsley Windows

Ardsley Window WF3 Kindness.jpg

Community Project
Of The Year


Santa Visits (East Ardsley)

Kayleigh Reid.png

Kayleigh was one of Santa’s team that brought him to our area in December. It’s fair to say that he was a busy man in December around here, but Kayleigh was responsible for bringing him to parts of Ardsley to visit children and at the same time raising funds for charity. 

This Award was kindly sponsored by

Ardsley Windows

Ardsley Window WF3 Kindness.jpg

Community Group
Of The Year



The WF3 Wombles were founded by John Calladine and Julie Taffinder back in January last year. They work across the Ardsley and Robin Hood Ward, including East and West Ardsley, Tingley, Thorpe, Lofthouse, Robin Hood and Carlton.


The team, led by John, Julie and Camille Leach collected a staggering 2441 bags of litter last year – that’s rubbish that without this dedicated group would have been blowing around the streets and greenspaces!


Some of the litter they have collected goes back many years, the team even found a can of Coca Cola from 1987!!


The group also campaigned for extra street bins across the area and our local councillors funded more than 10 which have now been installed.

This Award was kindly sponsored by

N E Cleaning

ne cleaning wf3 kindness.jpg

The Kevin Sinfield