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Defib & CPR Training

By Yorkshire Ambulance Service

Thursday 26th January 2023

East & West Ardsley Social Club

There are a number of defibrillators around the area but do you know where you would find your nearest Defibrillator and how you would use it in the event of an emergency?

Defib & Emergency CPR Training

Price: FREE

Date: Thursday 26th January 2023
Location: East & West Ardsley Social Club, Common Lane, WF3 2EP

This free life-saving session which is being run by Yorkshire Ambulance Service will teach people what to do in a medical emergency and how to use a defibrillator!


We're proud to host free life-saving training sessions, teaching people vital skills through CPR demonstrations, using a defibrillator and a chance to have a go (if desired - if you just want to come and watch and not take part in a group session that is fine!)


The session will take place at East & West Ardsley Social Club, Common Lane, East Ardsley on Thursday 26th January at 7pm.


Experts from Yorkshire Ambulance Service will give CPR demonstrations and advice on how and where to find an Automated External Defibrillator "Defib" and show you how easy it is to use one.


We recently installed a Defib at the club which was paid for by donations from across the community, so this is a great opportunity for locals to see how they work and how easy they are to operate - we all hope that we'll never have to use one but knowing where you'll get one and having the confidence to use one in an emergency will help make sure you're as prepared as you can be.


Places are FREE but limited so make sure you book.

Charity Psychic Night

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Licensed Bar
Hot Food Available

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