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24 Apr 2023


We are proud to announce that Pickerings Lifts, Tingley, have selected WF3 Kindness as their office Charity of the Year.

With 14 offices across the UK from Glasgow to the South Coast, Pickerings Lifts are the largest independent lift specialists in the UK, providing lift, escalator, loading systems and mobility equipment engineering expertise including installation, modernisation, refurbishment, servicing and repairs.

Pickerings have had a regional office on Dewsbury Road, Tingley for more than 20 years and is headed up by Jimmy Richardson, Lifts and Mobility Regional Manager and Simon Parton, Head of Loading Systems.  The organisation encourages each local office to select a charity to support for the year and we are delighted that Jimmy and Simon chose WF3 Kindness.


Simon Parton, Head of Loading Systems stated:

“We are delighted to support the WF3 charity this year, as the work they have done in the local area over the last several years has really made a difference in the local community.  Our support means they can now purchase a defibrillator, although we hope it never needs to be used”.


WF3 Kindness Founder, Dan Frank said:

“We’d like to thank Jimmy, Simon and the team at Pickerings Lifts for their support, the work we continue to do is only possible because of the support and generosity we receive from our supporters and the business community.


“We have a few programs and initiatives planned for 2023 and the contribution from Pickerings Lifts will make a huge difference to our community”


We are always looking for businesses of all sizes and types to partner with us and help to deliver our programs, improve the environment and the lives of those that live, work or go to school in Tingley, Ardsley, Thorpe and the surrounding area. If you would like to learn more, visit our website at:

For more information on Pickerings Lifts and the services they offer, vosot their website at:

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