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15 Oct 2021

Circus Mondao select WF3 Kindness as their charity of choice for their 2021 tour.

Circus Mondao, a group of performers who were forced to use foodbanks to survive during the national lockdowns of 2020/21 returned to Tingley.

Because Circus Mondao do not have a fixed business premises (due to the nature of their business) the Circus Mondao team were not eligible for any of the government grants. The group found themselves relying on foodbanks to survive.

Circus Mondao Ringmistress Petra Jackson said " It's not until you have to ask for this help that you realise how amazing these places are.

"To say thank you to the food banks we want to give back which is why we have been collecting non-perishable food items"

Petra and the Circus Mondao team selected WF3 Kindness as their charity of choice to donate the items collected from their tour.

WF3 Kindness Founder Dan Frank said "This is such a kind thing for Petra and the team to do and will make such a difference to people in need from our community.

"We will be giving this food to Thorpe Food Bank who support our families whenever they need it and I'm sure that Ray and his team will be very happy indeed"

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