The Best of WF3 2020

Sponsored by The Dental Studio

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The Best of WF3 aims to recognise the outstanding achievements that people in our community have made to others during 2020.

Our first ever Best of WF3 Awards were announced on Friday 15th January by local comedian and legend, Billy Pearce.


The awards for 2020 new kindly sponsored by The Dental Studio, East Ardsley and supported by other businesses in the area:

Ardsley Windows

CC Travel

GME Painting Contractors

Hare & Hounds 

Hopwood Creative

J Wells Plastering

Robrook Design & Print

Billy announced 14 winners from 12 categories with 2 special awards for Outstanding Achievement and Lifetime Achievement.

We asked for people to nominate individuals or groups in our community, and we were delighted to receive more than 160 nominations! We have had an immensely difficult job in shortlisting our nominees as every single nomination can be proud of what they do and how much they mean to the community- each one is deserving of being a winner and we wish that everyone could be a winner.


Well done to all our finalists for the first ever Best of WF3 Awards were:

Adele Taylor and 3 Staff Teams (Dolphin Lane, Daisy Vale, Woodhouse Hall)

Ardsley Windows

Beth Ledger

Mrs Blakeley

Buckthorne Estate

Buttercup Lane Childminders (Karl Stead & Lia Price)

Camille Leach
Chloe Nock

Cody Hartley

Dennis Seaton

Diane Wells

Finlay Cawthorne

Francis Cherry


Hare & Hounds

Miss Hewitt & Mr Conway

Karl Stead & Lia Price

Katherine Tabor
Leigh View Medical Centre

Leigh View Patient Club

Maddison Brennan

Meadowside Estate

Micaela Frank

Ray Laing

Redwood Farm

Miss Ruse

Rowlands Pharmacy

Sara Clayton-Smithson

Sue Lillford & Tingley Sewers

Susan & Richard Cawthra

This Is Us

Thorpe Food Bank

Tingley Athletic

Tingley Run Fit

West Ardsley Action Group

Buttercup Lane Childminders

Attraction of the Year

This award acknowledges the places within the community that has provided fun, happy times to many people over the last year.

Chloe Nock

Carer of the Year

This award recognises the people that care for the most vulnerable people within our community.

Diane Wells

Community Hero of the Year

This award honours those people in our community that are true heroes!

Sue Lillford and Lorna & Thea

Community Project of the Year

This award highlights those projects that have been organised within the community over the year.

Francis Cherry

Green Space

This award acknowledges the community green spaces that are important to many people and improves the image of the area.

The Meadowside Estate

Neighbour of the Year

Lets recognise those neighbours that have gone above and beyond this year (and there are many!)

Ardsley Windows

New Business/Start Up of the Year

This award highlights those in our community that have set up their local business in the last year.

Tingley Run Fit

Sport/Physical Activity Award

This award recognises the positive effect that sport and physical activity can have in our community.

Mrs Blakeley

Teacher of the Year

This award recognises the teachers and teaching assistants in our area that have continued to support children and students throughout the year.

Rowlands Pharmacy & West Ardsley Action Group

Team of the Year

This award honours the teams that have worked extra hard in the last year for the benefit of local people.

Leigh View Patient Club

Volunteer of the Year

This award recognises the selfless volunteers amongst our community.

Finlay Cawthorne

Young Person of the Year

This recognises the people aged 18 and under who have made a positive difference to their community or have faced adversity in the last year

The Hare & Hounds

Outstanding Achievement

We also announced two very special awards as selected by WF3 Kindness.

Cody Hartley

Lifetime Achievement Award

This is a special award for something accomplished, especially by superior ability, special effort and great courage to benefit our community and further afield in the last year.