Yorkshire Big Thank You

Yorkshire Big Thank You
And the winner is....

14th December 2020

WF3 Kindness and Dan are announced as a WINNER in the Yorkshire Big Thank You Awards.

Yorkshire Big Thank You

'Please be proud that you've won this award because a lot of people are very proud of you!'- Harry Gration MBE to our Founder as he wins a top regional award!

We were exited to discover last month that our Founder, Daniel Frank, was announced a finalist in the Yorkshire Big Thank You Awards.

The inaugural awards, were held following a campaign in the Yorkshire Evening Post and other JPI Media outlets and the ceremony was streamed live across the region on Friday evening hosted by BBC legend, Harry Gration MBE.

We were thrilled to find out that Dan was announced as a winner by BBC Look North Presenter Keeley Donovan who described Dan as a very special person and spoke about how we were formed following a Facebook group that Dan set up whilst recovering from a procedure on his spine in March. Harry then interviewed Dan, live on the feed and for possibly the first time ever Dan was left speechless and struggled to find the words, but he was quick to pay tribute to the army of volunteers and generous people in the community that have helped us so far saying 'without the help we've had from a lot of people, I wouldn't be speaking to you now, on person can't fix everything but a group of people can make a real difference'.

Now the shock has settled Dan said "Thank you to everyone that took the time to vote for us in these awards, taking time out of your day to vote for us is amazing and I'm very grateful. It's a pleasure to be recognised for an award like this especially when this is as a result of such a wider team. I felt honoured and proud to be announced as a winner alongside other worthy local individuals and community groups and charities but there are genuinely so many people that have contributed to our success, and I'd like to dedicate this award to them all.

"From the sewing team, people that continue to do shopping for residents in the community, people that have made a donation to our food hampers and most recently, those who have donated funds for the defibrillator campaign - without every single one of them we would not have achieved what we have. It's been a very stressful and worrying time for everyone and so a special shout out to Kelly Cawood who has offered her counselling services to people in the area too.

"A huge thank you to our corporate partners: GME Painting Contractors, Hopwood Creative, NE Cleaning Services, Gas Gem Plumbing & Heating, Ardsley Windows, Robrook Design & Print, The Balti House and The Dental Studio. These local businesses have supported us since day one and deserve a lot of recognition. Ric at Hopwood Creative has helped with our website and social media so much. Without their kindness we wouldn't have been able to do what we have!

"Finally, I must mention my family, my wife Sarah has been amazing and does so much behind the scenes and always without the recognition - again, without her by my side we wouldn't have done what we have, she delivers all the kindness packages, has spent hours wrapping hampers, shopping for food, collecting prescriptions and telling me what to do next! My little boy, Oliver, has been a massive help, and although he's only 4 he gets stuck in and helps with the deliveries and even does pictures for some of the people we have helped. It can often be gone midnight when we stop, with lots of meetings and sorting things out, it's no exaggeration that as a family we have sacrificed a fair bit of time together during the last 9 months.

"This award is recognition of everything that WF3 Kindness has achieved so far and is for everyone I've mentioned- and we're looking forward to doing even more in the years to come."