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18 Jun 2020


Yorkshire Water have ran a campaign to recognise those across the region who are making a difference.

Yorkshire Water staff are categorised as key workers during the Covid-19 pandemic, working around the clock to maintain the water and sewerage networks. Whilst going about their day to day jobs, Yorkshire Water’s key workers have received a number of messages, signs and gifts of appreciation from members of the public wanting to say ‘thank you’. In order to give back to the community and recognise other community heroes, the organisation has a launched a ‘Big Thank You’ campaign, giving the public a chance to nominate friends, colleagues or loved ones that have gone above and beyond to help others in recent weeks.

WF3 Kindness were nominated by residents in recognition of the work we have done across Tingley, Ardsley and Thorpe.

One of the nominations said:

‘He’s created a platform thats mobilised an entire community to be kind and deliver help to hundreds.’

It's not often we receive a hamper of treats ourselves, it's usually us delivering them but the WF3 Team were honoured to win this and we would like to thank those that nominated us.

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