Our Community Christmas Tree

10 Dec 2021

The WF3 Kind-Tree is on display at community Christmas Tree Festival

We were honoured to have a tree representing WF3 Kindness on display at this years community Christmas Tree Festival which was held at St Mary's Church, Woodkirk.

The tree was a true reflection of everything that we are about; COMMUNITY. The tree itself was donated by a local resident along with decorations and we had additional decorations which were hand made by members of our community from 2 years old to the residents at Lydgate Lodge Care Home.

Our Founder, Dan Frank said: "A great community event and an honour to be included
"Thank you and well done to all who got involved with our Design Our Decor competition, there was something magical about seeing all the decorations which were made by people from across our area.
"A special thank you to Reverend Sharon and the team at St Mary's for inviting us to be part of such a special event"