Easter Trail UPDATE

Easter Trail  UPDATE
'The minority have spoiled it for the majority'

4th April 2021

Unfortunately we have been forced to review our original plans for the Easter Activities.

Easter Trail  UPDATE

It’s been great seeing lots of you getting involved with the Tingley Trail, we’ve been inundated with pictures and messages from people enjoying something organised by the community for the community.

Like with all community led activities, it takes a lot of effort and time from individuals, people that don’t get paid but often end up spending their own money on materials etc to benefit others.

The trail opened early on Friday morning and as you maybe aware we planned to keep it open until the end of half term. We even offered every single child that completed the trail before next Friday an Easter treat!
But sadly, since Friday, we have had to replace lots of the posters as they have been deliberately ripped down.

Again, by 10am this morning (Easter Sunday!) 5 posters were missing (numbers 6-11), which means that someone has to reprint the posters (again), re-laminate (again) and then take time out of their family Easter to go and replace them (again)- this isn’t fair and it isn’t sustainable and frankly it’s unacceptable.

Unfortunately a minority have spoilt the fun for the majority and we feel that we have no choice but to close the activity early. We can now confirm that if you do not submit your form BEFORE 6pm on Easter Monday (5th April), you will not receive an easter surprise and, rather than closing the trail on Friday 16th April as originally planned, we will be closing it on Friday 9th April. We are sorry about this but it's just not possible to continue the way that we have been done.

To be clear, anyone that takes part in the trail on Sunday AND Monday and submits their form, whether or not the full twenty code words have been added, WILL RECEIVE AN EASTER TREAT. If you take part after this date, we will hand out treats whilst ever we have the stock but cannot guarantee.