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27 Mar 2020


Local comedian and panto star Billy Pearce has recorded a video message showing his support to WF3 Kindness.

Leeds comedian and local legend Billy Pearce has recorded a video message for his community to lift spirits and bring a moment of laughter during the coronavirus lockdown.

The 69-year-old performer, who lives in Tingley, south Leeds, filmed himself cracking jokes and urging people to stay safe in the video which he sent to local volunteer group WF3 Kindness.

Founder of WF3 Kindness, Dan Frank said:

"I got in touch with Billy Pearce this week and told him what we were doing and he was more than happy to support his own local community.
"He sent me a video showing his support to post on the group and website. In typical Billy style he brought a smile to many people's faces."

In the video, he cracks the jokes his fans know and love as well as adding heartfelt messages of support to those separated from family members during these times of crisis.

Explaining he is unable to see his mum or stepdad at the moment, he says he "hopes everybody is alright" and signs off with: "Good luck everybody, look after each other and stay safe."

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