An update on our Defib Appeal

An update on our Defib Appeal
THREE locations confirmed for a community defibrillator!

20th March 2021

WF3 Kindness have been working with the West Ardsley Action Group on a joint campaign to purchase a new community defibrillator for the area, HOWEVER the generosity of local people has surpassed any of our expectations!

An update on our Defib Appeal

WF3 Kindness and the West Ardsley Action Group (WAAG) launched the 'Defib Appeal' in November 2020 with the hope to raise enough funds to buy one defibrillator for the community.

The response was phenomenal and local people dug deep in their pockets to help us reach our initial target in just over 5 weeks.

In fact because of the generosity of people in our area including Councillor Wyn Kidger and The Outer South Community Committee and some additional support from other sources we have raised more than enough funds to purchase two community defibrillators which we hope to order in the coming weeks. We are now well on the way to be in a position to purchase a third.

We can now confirm that the locations for these lifesaving pieces of equipment have been confirmed as:
The British Oak, Westerton Road;
The New Scarborough, Dewsbury Road;
East & West Ardsley Social Club, Bradford Road.

We need one final push from everyone, members of our amazing community and those generous local businesses, to get us over the line. You can donate to our fundraiser in the following ways:
1. Our Go Fund Me Page where if you are a UK tax payer we can claim Gift Aid on your donation which increases the money that we receive at no cost to you :
2. A cash donation: Contact us directly to arrange a cash donation
3. Cheque: You can make a donation by cheque made payable to Morley & District Lions Club CIO
4. If you are a local business wanting to support this cause, please get in touch with us directly.

To contact us about this campaign, you can email us at or call us on 0800-86-11-456.