A creative partnership

A creative partnership
Hopwood Creative offer support to WF3 Kindness

16th May 2020

WF3 Kindness announce a new partnership with Hopwood Creative, a marketing agency based in Tingley.

A creative partnership

WF3 KINDNESS is delighted to welcome Hopwood Creative as the Official Website and Marketing Partner of the charity.

Hopwood Creative are a ‘Hands On’ Creative marketing agency. They offer a full service covering branding, website design and management, social media marketing and design & print and so much more to their clients.

Through the Partnership, Hopwood Creative will provide WF3 Kindness with a state-of-the-art website including giving us the ability to take online donations and for those in need to request our support. They will also support with our social media channels. This will allow our supporters to see the work that we are doing and enable people in the community to find the help they need quickly and easily.

Dan Frank, Founder & Head of Operations at WF3 Kindness said “Having a good online presence, be it a website or social media channels is incredibly important to any organisation, the current climate is proving that. A small local charity, working solely in the local community is much more reliant than most in this regard. I’m delighted to have secured the services of Ric and his team at Hopwood Creative, not only for the services they offer but their ethics of ‘being a family’ and a ‘close knit team’ tie in perfectly with our ethos at WF3 Kindness. I’m excited for the future, this month we’re in Tingley, Ardsley and Thorpe but with the help of Hopwood Creative, who knows where we will reach to in the near future and how many people we’ll be able to help”

Ric Hopwood, Managing Director at Hopwood Creative said “Having seen what Dan and his team of volunteers have been doing to support those in need throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, I'm delighted that Hopwood Creative can be involved in the future of this charity. As a locally based company we're delighted to be able to support such an organisation in our local community. We've helped many companies to grow but nothing will make me prouder than to see our support helping to get this charity the recognition it deserves.”

To learn more about who Hopwood Creative are, visit their website: https://hopwoodcreative.co.uk/

Without the support of everyone in the community, including local businesses, we genuinely wouldn't be able to do the things we do. If you think you could help us and at the same time make a real difference to your community, please contact us at: contact@wf3kindness.co.uk