12 weeks in

12 weeks in
An update from our CEO

31st May 2020

WF3 Kindness have reached over 6,300 individual people in just 12 weeks of existence, helping over 1,500 people in the community

12 weeks in

Since Sunday 8th March 2020, We have been working hard around the clock to support those in our community that need it the most for a variety of reasons and personal circumstances.

We have reached over 6,378 individual people and helped directly 1,633 people in need who live, work and walk amongst us all every single day. We have achieved this by a variety of ways, some are listed below:
We delivered over 5000 leaflets in 3 days to people who may need help and not have access to the internet;
We have provided (for free) over 500 handmade gifts for NHS & Care workers (such as laundry bags, scrub hats, masks holders) made by volunteers;
We have provided (for free) 77 Kindness Packages - gifts for people in the community who deserve some kindness;
We have delivered 22 food hampers (for free) for those who are struggling to feed themselves and their families;
We have provided emotional support and practical help (for free) for those in need;
We have offered professional help from some local experts who have volunteered their services (for free or at a reduced cost basis);
We donated (for free, following a collection appeal) over 300 gift bags of toiletries for patients and staff at Pinderfields Hospital;
Our volunteers have produced over 150 face masks (for free) that we have distributed to vulnerable people and sold some to raise funds;
We’re currently working on providing a free clothes shop so that people can get clothes if needed that have been donated by others.

We have also made huge strides in partnering with and receiving support from local businesses which shows our intent in becoming a sustainable local charity that will be around long after these unprecedented times that we are living through now.

Dan Frank, Founder & CEO at WF3 Kindness said “I was so proud when I saw these numbers. It's been hard work with a lot of effort from a lot of people, my wife Sarah, is the unsung hero in this operation- she does most of the food deliveries, makes up the kindness packages and then delivers them to shocked and thankful people., she keeps my feet firmly on the ground when I get carried away with my ideas and lifts me up when I'm having a moan! I often find myself replying to messages and working through the night, sometimes not going to bed until 3am, but these figures make it all worthwhile.

"The things we are doing and the things that we are promoting across the community can only be a great thing and will benefit the majority of people in the future. Everybody that has supported us in any way, making laundry bags, donating food, making a cash donation or sharing our posts - give yourselves a pat on the back. We are so much stronger and kinder than we were 12 weeks ago... that's a fact!"

Without the support of everyone in the community, including local businesses, we genuinely wouldn't be able to do the things we do.

If you think you could help us and at the same time make a real difference to your community, please contact us.