Physical Wellbeing

During a time when we have to spend most of our time at home it is important for us to continue to look after our physical wellbeing and take care of ourselves as best we can.


Whether you are a regular at the gym or enjoy a jog around the reservoir from time to time or maybe you are a total novice and just looking to work off some of that Christmas indulgence, we will share some local activity groups and experts who are committed to guiding you through this tough period.


SwiftFit Personal Training

SwiftFit personal Training, based in East Ardsley are launching their ShapeSwift programme on Monday 11th January.

It's for anyone who is looking to keep up to their New Year resolution and improve their health and fitness for the long-term.

It's completely free and you can sign up by following this link: Sign Up To The SwiftFit Programme Here

You can also follow the SwiftFit Facebook page here: SwiftFit Personal Training Facebook Page

Tingley Run Fit

Tingley RunFIT offers is a social running group, in ordinary times they offer different sessions on different days in different locations giving more people opportunity to get involved.

Sessions are open to all levels, and especially welcoming those who are new to running or training for their first 5k.  There is always an option for everyone in the group.

The group are running 'Get To Know Us' sessions for people interested in learning more about this amazing group and also 'Keep Us Inspired' sessions for those who are already members and want to catch up woth the group.


You can view their Lockdown information here: Tingley Run Fit Website - Lockdown Update

Image by Lesly Juarez