We have helped many people through the Tingley, Ardsley & Thorpe- VIRAL KINDNESS Facebook group.


We continue to provide practical help with shopping, running errands and keeping in-touch with the elderly, vulnerable and in-need members of our community.

We have received many requests from people who are struggling to afford food to feed their family and maintain a healthy, balanced diet.


We have also heard some stories of those in the community who are feeling lonely and in need of some kindness, we've also heard about those amongst us who are going above and beyond to help others and deserve a special thank you.


The majority of our services are free to receive but they aren't free to provide. The Food Hampers, Kindness Packages, School Holiday Packed Lunches, Professional services and other things we provide all come at a cost which is why we continue to fundraise to ensure we are able to continue to support the most vulnerable and thank the most ​worthy members of our community.

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