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Join in with our competitions and activities to win prizes and have fun!


We have been bringing people together since early 2020!

We organise and support lots of activities and events across the Tingley, Ardsley and Thorpe area and hold regular competitions and opportunities to get involved with something.

As the saying goes the more, the merrier... why not join in, have fun, meet new people and make a difference to your community.

The best of wf3 awards

The Best of WF3 Awards, founded by us, aims to recognise and celebrate the people, groups and businesses that live, work or operate in Tingley, Ardsley or Thorpe and who make the community a better place. 

You can get involved in our Awards by nominating a star of the community, supporting our Awards by sponsoring a category or by celebrating with our finalists by purchasing tickets for our Awards Ceremony.

A win prizes sign on Promenade Pier, Paignton, U_edited.jpg


WIN PRIZES in our competitions and activities. Get involved!