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Clothes Donation

Our Clothes For All program works in two different ways:

  1. Providing people with clothes good quality, clean clothes, and,

  2. Allowing people to recycle their unwanted clothes and saving them from a visit to the tip!

This initiative has been incredibly popular and we are currently not accepting new donations due to a shortage in space. We are still actioning requests for clothes, please get in touch with us if we can help you.

WHAT we are doing:
We have set up a ‘swap shop’ of clothing for people to take advantage of and benefit from others unwanted items. 

WHY we are doing it:
As clothes come second to food it can be difficult to provide for the ever growing needs of our children and ourselves, and at the same time many people have taken the recent weeks as an opportunity to sort out their wardrobes with lots of unwanted items sat in bags around the house. 

WHERE is it happening:
In the long term, we hope to hold a monthly ‘sale’ at a church hall or local venue where you can come and swap a new outfit for your outgrown or unwanted clothes. If you don’t have anything to swap you are still welcome and there will be an opportunity to make an optional donation to our charity. This has been set up to help people so please don’t feel like you have to give to receive but just be considerate. 

In the current climate, we are collecting in clothes should you no longer want and would normally take to the charity shop. We are discussing options to possibly hold a sale in areas of Tingley and leave items in the garden for people to come and take what they wish whilst following the social distancing guidelines. 

WHEN is it happening:
Dates are to be finalised once we can establish a safe and consistent plan. 

WHO is leading on it:
Susan Sutcliffe is our Clothing & Equipment Manager and manages the donations and requests.


You can reach Susan via our email: info@wf3kindness.org