The Best of WF3

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The Best of WF3 aims to recognise the outstanding achievements that people in our community have made to others over the year.

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We founded The Best of WF3 Awards in 2020 after we found out that we had been nominated for a prestigious regional award for the work that we had done, we felt it was a little unfair that we get the recognition when so much of the stuff mentioned was actually done by lots of people living and working across Tingley, Ardsley and Thorpe. We are also lucky to have lots of local businesses and groups based in the area who contribute to the community in a positive way. And so.... The Best Of WF3 was born.


Our first awards covered 2020, an unprecedented and difficult year for everyone but at the same time so many good things came out of that tough time! We received an amazing 164 individual nominations for people living or working in our area, each are inspirational and have made a positive difference to lots of local people. We announced the winners in January 2021.

The response was been overwhelming and we have had many suggestions to make the awards an annual event and we agree, which is why we are happy to announce that The Best of WF3 Awards will be returning for 2021.

Start having a think about the people, clubs and businesses in the area that are making a difference and we will open up nominations sometime late in the year.


previous winners

Take a look at previous winners and learn about the things that they have done!

Get involved in 2021

We want to grow the Best of WF3 Awards and celebrate the best from Tingley, Ardsley and Thorpe and raise money for our charity along the way. 


Whilst there are still lots of uncertainties surrounding us all at the moment, we are hopeful that the next event could be held at one our local venues and people can gather together to celebrate the Best of WF3! 


As with all community type events, it would be great if people wanted to join in and help us make the whole thing a success.


We have sponsorship packages available for businesses and groups to enjoy some positive coverage as well as helping the unsung heroes amongst us receive the appreciation and applause that they deserve, and at the same time, raising money for us to continue the work that we do.

Please contact us at: to find out more.