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WF3 Kindness supports people living or working in Tingley, Ardsley and Thorpe.

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Formed in March 2020 in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, we initially became a lifeline to people that found themselves struggling.


The need was varied and more wide spread than we ever imagined; from people who became unable to work and earn money to provide for themselves and their families to others who were isolated with no human contact.  We  became a listening ear to people who felt lonely and who didn't have anyone to talk to. 

We received lots of requests for food, with parents not able to work or claim furlough leave benefits and children who were no longer attending school who were missing out on free school meals. There was also a need for elderly people who were no longer able to travel to the shops for their groceries.

For some, affording to pay for the food was not an issue, it was simply the inability to go out and get it themselves; we spent many hours matching volunteers with those who needed help, the volunteers then liaised directly with the person and in some cases they continue to do their shopping now.

We spoke to lots of local shops and businesses and in some cases managed to negotiate attractive offers for the people we were helping including some local stores offering free weekly deliveries.

For some of these people, the only contact they had with someone else was when they had they food or shopping delivered.

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We also started producing and delivering Kindness Packages, which were made up of treats and goodies for people who were in need of some 'Kindness'. 

Delivered by our team unannounced and sporting a big colourful bow with a handmade gift tag with poem our Kindness Packages brought a lot of joy (and often tears [happy tears] when delivered)

We have given out hundreds of Kindness Packages for a number of reasons; people who were unwell, had suffered personal loss or simple those feeling lonely, were thankful and appreciative to receive a gift from the community representing love and togetherness and letting them know that they were cared for.

We showed our support to the NHS staff and Carers that either lived or worked across the community.


A team of volunteers got together to produce handmade items such as Face Masks, Uniform Laundry Bags, Scrub Hats and mask extenders. 


The uniform laundry bags, scrub hats and mask extenders were given to staff at Pinderfields Hospital


along with Gift Sets and Welfare Packs, just to say thank you and help show the gratitude that was felt for their extraordinary efforts.

In addition to the gifts for the staff, we provided Patient Packs for those patients in hospital who were not able to rely on friends or relatives to bring in some personal belongings. We donated toiletry sets including shower gel, tooth brush and paste, soap and also magazines, books and puzzle sets to help pass the time for those stuck in hospital. 

We also donated chocolate and tasty treats... lots of chocolate!


Word about our efforts was starting to spread and the kindness movement was picking up more traction. 

Local legend and comedian Billy Pearce recorded a message for us on his social media accounts which went viral; in typical Billy style he told some jokes and made fun of himself but he also touched on the difficulties that the pandemic was bringing to people, local people including himself and his family. 

Billy spoke about the importance of kindness and how it's important that communities come together for those in need and support people who may be feeling isolated or who were unable to work and earn money.

The response to Billys video was immense and even got us mentioned in the local and regional news; more and more people got in touch to offer their support and we also received additional requests for help as a result of that coverage 

In May, our Founder, Dan Frank, was invited to join Morley Lions Club, they had become aware of the work that we were doing in the community and they wanted to support us in any way they could, initially making a donation of funds to help with our Kindness Appeal to fund the Kindness Packages.

Dan joined and brought us under the umbrella of the Lions club making us a working name of Morley & District Lions Club (CIO) and giving us all the benefits of a registered charity.


You can search for WF3 Kindness on the charity commission website which will return the listing for Morley and District Lions Club (CIO).

As the initial demand from the Coronavirus pandemic settled down it gave us an opportunity to think about what we could do to help our community moving forward. We had achieved so much and formed great connections that it didn't seem acceptable to just call it a day

We continue to work across the Tingley, Ardsley and Thorpe community with our initial objective at the forefront and centre of everything we do; to improve the lives of local people.


In partnership with Santa Clause, we  have purchased a specialised trike for an East Ardsley youngster with Cerebral Palsy giving Lizzie and her family some quality of life for the great outdoors.

And in association with West Ardsley Action Group (WAAG) we have fundraised to purchase three community defibrillators which are available across West Ardsley undoubtedly saving lives of local people in the years to come.

Paper Heart

Our community is at the heart of everything we do:

  • We bring people together who care about the area so that they can make a difference

  • We support people in need and care for the most vulnerable people in our community

  • We encourage people to get involved - there are many ways that people can support us such as by volunteering, fundraising and making a donation

  • We promote the support groups who work hard in the community to benefit others and the community as a whole

  • We highlight the good things in our community and celebrate the individuals that give their time and money to benefit others and the community as a whole​.

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